A/C outside Normal Office Hours

Ad-hoc Air-conditioning

Please e-mail request to eobsduty@ust.hk and then call CMO Building Services Duty Controller at 2358 6465 to confirm. Applicant must be a faculty or administrative staff member.

How can I request air-conditioning outside normal office hours for more than a week?

If you need air-conditioning outside normal office hours for a long period, say more than a week, please e-mail to eosamuel@ust.hk 24 hours in advance for approval. In the event of an emergency, please call the duty controller on 2358 6465.

Why is my office air-conditioned outside normal office hours when I have not requested it?

The academic building is air-conditioned in large zones, up to about 30 rooms per zone, so you may be "benefiting" as a consequence of another occupant's request. Because it is necessary to air-condition a whole zone in order to meet an individual request, users should think very carefully before making such a request.