Services Contact Point

Scope of Duties 


Staff Responsible (Ext) 

Section/ Department Head 

Cleaning, pest control, transport store operation 

Mr. Alan Mok (6436) 

Mr. Alex Cheung (6423)
Director of Campus Management


Building maintenance coordination and Academic building maintenance

Mr. Jacky Yu (6529)/
Mr. Mike Tong (6435)

Hostels, GRUC and open area building maintenance

Mr. Mike Tong (6435) 

Quarters building maintenance

Mr. Jacky Yu (6529)

Landscaping & Horticulture

Mr. Wicky Lee (6505) 

Security operation

Mr. Jerome Hon (6431)
Security Duty Controller (24 hrs)(6565)
Emergencies only (24 hrs) (8999)
Car parking (24 hrs) (6483)

Mr. Franco Leung (6422)
Senior Manager (Campus Security)

Staff Quarters Policy & Operation

Mr. Hubert Chan (6434) 

Mr. Alex Cheung (6423)
Director of Campus Management

PTA, Utilities & ESQ Tenancies

Ms. Loretta Cheung (6523)

On-campus Staff Quarters (Towers 1-4, Apt. 1-48, Hse. 1-8, ESQ) 

Ms. Commy Lai (8283)

On-campus Staff Quarters (Tower 5-19, University Apartments) 

Mr. Felix Lee (2719 2185)

Building services minor works and renovation works

Mr. Hoyce Ho (6445)

Mr. Wilson Chan (6444)  Associate Director  

Building services emergency repairs and operations

BS Duty Controller (24 hrs) (6465) 

Building services operation and maintenance (Electrical Services)

Ms. Fanny Ho (6536)

Building services operation and maintenance (Mechanical Services)

Mr. Mickey Lau (6491) 

Safety and Quality Controller 

Mr. H. Lau (6489) 

Air-conditioning, heating & ventilation maintenance 

Mr. Tom Chan (6471) 

Mechanical & fire services maintenance 

Mr. H. Lau (6489) 

Electrical, electronic & BMS maintenance 

Mr. K.M. Chui (6495) 

Building services maintenance in staff quarters and student hostels 

Ms. Joyce Yu (6490)  

Laboratory services emergency repairs

Ms. Alice Lee (6847)
Mr. C. C. Tse (64019712)

Mr. Wilson Chan (6444) Associate Director

Laboratory services modifications, operation and maintenance

Ms. Wileen Chu (6869)

Laboratory services day-to-day operations

Mr. C. C. Tse (6844)

Use of communal areas 

Ms. Jessy Kwok (6443) 

Ms. Jessica Li (6437)


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