Laboratory Services



Repair and Maintenance

Repair and maintenance works aim to rectify defects found in the existing laboratory provisions such as power, lighting, cold water, deionized water, drainage, fume cupboards, biosafety cabinets, lab benching and central gas piping (compressed air, nitrogen, Towngas).   Some systems also have planned preventive maintenance or certification programs to ensure their reliability.   These defects can be reported and their progress tracked on Lab Defect Report.  In case of emergencies, call LS helpdesk at x6847 or Security at x8999 outside normal office hours.

Defects involving the building fabric (walls, doors, floor, ceiling), air conditioning and e-locks can be reported on General Defect Report.



This refers to the addition or modification of laboratory provisions.   Requests will be processed according to their scope and the resources required.  If unsure of where to submit your request, enquiries may be sent to the Senior Manager (Laboratory Services) (Tel: 2358 6869) or to the Manager (Laboratory Services) (Tel: 2358 6844).   




Addition/Modificaton of lab provison
*small scale jobs using in-house staff*

Lab Defect Report

Material cost: user funded
Labour cost: user funded in case job is urgent or >5 mandays

Addition/modification of lab provision

Minor Works Request

≤$30k: minor works funding (approval by Campus Development Office)
>$30k: approval and funding from department, CDO, etc.

Standard laboratory furniture

Lab Defect Report

*No Charge*
Ex-stock: minimum lead time
Out-of-stock: pending batch procurement

Custom-made laboratory furniture

Lab Defect Report

Material cost: user funded
Labour cost: user funded only if job is urgent or to be outsourced


Procurement and Maintenance of Specialist Equipment

This refers to non-central equipment that are used by the department or unit only.   Our team can provide project management assistance which includes preparing the tender specifications, evaluating the tender submissions and managing the supply/installation contracts.  Similarly, project management assistance on the subsequent maintenance contracts can also be provided upon request.  All costs, except for project management, are borne by the users.  Some of the user funded equipment are:

  • cold rooms
  • clean rooms
  • environmental chambers
  • fume cupboards, ductless
  • biosafety safety cabinets, non-standard
  • steam boilers
  • aquarium system
  • deionized water system
  • compressed air system
  • others (to be agreed)


Laboratory Design and Fit-Out

Our team can assist in designing and costing your new or existing lab renovation.  Project management assistance can be provided which includes proposing the lab design, preparing the specifications, coordinating with other builders and M&E trades, evaluating the tender submissions, on-site coordination and supervision of the lab contractors, as well as the final lab fit-out/equipment terminations.  All cost, except for project management, will be charged to the pre-approved minor works project or to the project account provided by the requestor.   For enquiries, please contact the Senior Manager (Laboratory Services) (Tel: 2358 6869) or to the Manager (Laboratory Services) (Tel: 2358 6844).  


Useful Links

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