Staff Bus and Shuttle Bus Services Arrangements


Weather Situations

Service Returning To Campus 

Service Departing From Campus

Typhoon Warning Signal No. 8 or above or "Extreme Conditions" is in force


* Yes. (AND with prior warning by Hong Kong Observatory during office hours, the service is available about one hour later.)

Typhoon Warning Signal No. 8  or "Extreme Conditions" (if any) is cancelled

Yes (ONLY when the Typhoon Warning Signal No. 8  or "Extreme Conditions" (if any) is cancelled at or before 7 am)


Black Rainstorm Warning is raised


To be announced

Black Rainstorm Warning is cancelled

Yes (ONLY when the warning is cancelled at or before 7 am)

To be announced










* Exact coach departure time will be announced via e-mail network (or the University public address system as appropriate).

For any enquiry outside normal office hours, please call the operator concerned.


  #Staff Bus Services
(All routes)
#Shuttle Bus Services

Contact Person

Mr. Tsang


24915533 / 65341138






#The updated operating schedule and operator's contact information of Staff Bus and Shuttle Bus Services, please refer to the web-sites below: