Tropical Cyclone

As a general rule, when the Hong Kong Observatory advises that a Typhoon Warning Signal No. 8 is expected to be issued soon, University offices will be closed and classes will be cancelled.

Hoisting of Typhoon Warning Signal No. 8 during a Working Day

When the University is advised by the H.K. Observatory during a working day that a Typhoon Warning Signal No. 8 is expected to be issued soon, an announcement will be made either over the public address system (PA system) by SCC or through Inter-Departmental Liaison Persons (IDLPs), advising staff who do not have specific typhoon duties to return home. Members of staff who choose to continue working do so at their own risk and are urged to exercise due care.

Please refer to the section at the end of this circular for details of the Staff Bus and Shuttle Bus arrangements.

Information will be provided via the P/A system and/or e-mail network on staff and shuttle bus departure times, public transportation arrangements, outside traffic conditions (if information is available) and other arrangements. Members of staff should check their e-mails for updated information and special arrangements.

Before leaving, members of staff must securely close all the windows in their working areas. When members of staff notice potentially dangerous situations, such as the presence of loose objects, they should report them to the SCC.

Lowering of Typhoon Warning Signal No. 8 or Cancellation of "Extreme Conditions" During a Working Day

Staff should report for duty as soon as the Typhoon Warning Signal No. 8 or "Extreme Conditions"  as announced by the Government is cancelled and weather and transport conditions permit.

Arising from the experience with Super Typhoon Mangkhut in 2018, the Government may issue an announcement of "Extreme Conditions" due to serious disruption of transportation, extensive flooding and landslides, or power outage.  When an "Extreme Conditions" warning is in force, staff should remain in their place of shelter for two hours after the Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 is lowered.  The warning may be extended or cancelled after two hours.  Staff should head back to work only after the "Extreme Conditions" warning is cancelled by the Government.

As a general rule, there will be no requirement to return to work if the warning is cancelled at or after 2 pm on weekdays (or 10 am on Saturdays for those who are required to provide services on Saturdays).