What's New

23 Sep - 31 Oct 2021 Special Note for Road Users due to Testing of Autonomous Vehicle
4 Oct - 12 Dec 2021 Suspension of Fresh / Flushing / Potable and Non-potable Water Supply - Cleaning of Water Tanks
During this period, fresh / flushing / potable and non-potable water supply will be suspended according to the water tank cleaning schedule
23 Aug - 7 Dec 2021 Suspension of operation on Lift L3 and L4 at UG Hall 1 for modernization work
From 21 Jun 2021
Re-opening of Children Playroom (SSQ, Tower 1, G/F)
From 30 Apr 2021 Path Advisor ready to report defects for Academic Buildings
From 1 Apr 2021 Re-opening of Outdoor Children's Playgrounds
From 1 March 2021 Cessation of Temperature Screening at Campus Entrances
From 15 Jul 2020 Closure of Upper BBQ Site
From 20 Jun 2020
Re-opening of vehicular access at North Gate for entry and exit of vehicles with campus parking permits and pre-registered vehicles at all times